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Competitive Team Building – The Generation Game

Cocktail Teambuilding Competitive Team building


Each guest will receive a delicious reception cocktail on arrival.

A short health and safety briefing will be given before the session commences.

The Game

The group is split down into teams of 5 delegates.  Each team is given a work station with cocktail equipment and ingredients.

The Shaker Mixologist will present the first of five classic cocktails, showing delegates step by step how to recreate the mouthwatering creation for themselves.

The teams will then battle against each other and the clock to recreate the cocktail, a winning cocktail is picked based on speed, taste, style and presentation! Don’t worry in case you need a little extra guidance the Shaker experts will be roaming the room giving handy tips and guidance throughout the challenge!

The next demonstration will then start and again teams will battle it out! this is repeated until all five classic cocktails have been demonstrated and recreated by the teams!

The Competition

With their new found skills each team is set to work creating their own unique cocktail against the clock, they will then briefly present this to the other groups, and the instructors will choose an overall winning cocktail!

How many Drinks will each guest have?

Along with a cocktail on arrival each participant will get to make/drink one cocktail each.

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